Felting process Video

In this felting process video you can see Mirjam Peeters working on a felting project.

The first felting machine that Jos made was for his sister Mirjam. She makes many clothing and objects from felt and wanted to make her work easier. This led to the development of the felting machine prototype. You can see her work on her website. Beautiful photos of beautiful creations in felt. She also tells more about the felting process, about the products and about exhibitions.

Felting is an ancient technique from the East, it is a natural process. You never know in advance exactly what the result will be, it remains a surprise. The degree of movement determines the flexibility of the felt. It also has an influence on the size of the final product (takes into account a considerable shrinkage) and on the transition in the colors.

Mirjam Peeters

Go to the site of Mirjam Peeters via this link Mirjam Vilt

Watch the video here to see Mirjam in action with the machine.

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Felting process Video

To see more photos and details of the machine click here : Photos Felting Machine

Felting process Video
Photo of the hendle to lower the pressure rollshttps://jppviltmachines.nl/fotos-felting-machines/